Saturday, October 3, 2015

Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations!
Because I've spent at least as much time looking up zero/low carb products as I have cooking, here's a list of our favorites so you don't have to!
At this time, we receive no compensation for having them listed here, this list is entirely for your convenience. 

Zero Carb Products are marked with:
Low carb Products are as marked.

Meat and Cheeses
One thing we most certainly want to avoid is using carbs for our proteins. A lot of meat and cheese is zero carb, but here are some products that depend on the brand.
Sausage - Gunnoes Sausages (we buy ours at Kroger)

Bacon - Gwaltney's bacon 

Baking Products
Baking Cocoa: We use Equal Exchange, organic baking cocoa, it is, as of now, the only zero carb cocoa we've found



Crystal Light - As far as I have found all Crystal Light products are carb free


Silk Unsweetened original Almond Milk - If you choose to use a different brand, be cautious. Some brands "Unsweetened" do have carbs!

Flavor Alternatives

We absolutely adore Capella Concentrated Flavor drops. The price initially seems a little high, but when we realized that just a couple of drops is enough to flavor for baking, and just one to two drops for beverages, for us it was a really good investment. These are zero carb, zero calorie high potency flavor drops. You can get them on Amazon or on

We also really like Stevita flavors, concentrated Stevia sweet and flavoring. We use them predominantly in beverages, they work really well in coffee and hot chocolate


Stevia Sweetener - Liquid is 0 carbs

Splenda - .5g net carbs per packet

Aspartame - We tend to avoid this one as a sweetener, unfortunately a lot of zero carb "diet" products still use it. 

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